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    On the substance, I tend to disagree about Type 1 (read it later) bookmarks. The trick is that a Type 1 bookmark should be just a really crappy Type 2 bookmark. So, for instance, https://jepsen.io/consistency might have the note “hierarchy of consistency models–need to internalize this”.

    It’s certainly true that a pure read it later function can be a backed up sewer pipe. My high-water mark in instapaper was almost 4000 links. The problem is that it’s a weird mix of functions: little jokes that I wanted to save, things I might want to reference, things I hoped to write something specific about. And other than occasionally jumping back 1000 items and seeing what’s there and still relevant, I don’t look at anything but the most recent content.

    I’m working towards a system that integrates all the functions. There’s a queue of read it later material, plus bookmarks filed by topic. For all the material, I save the html of the page I’m linking to. Where it stinks right now is that I don’t have a proper bookmarklet, and all the tagging/storage/search functions are awkward. I have a rewrite of a lot of things half-done.

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      The trick is that a Type 1 bookmark should be just a really crappy Type 2 bookmark.

      Yeah. A lot of stuff is just there to augment my memory’s “I know I saw something about x” functions. I probably won’t revisit it unless it comes up, but the trick is that you don’t know what’s going to come up. Tagging aggressively and including a useful excerpt or brief impression helps a lot when you’re digging for a half-remembered reference.

      I don’t make any promises to myself that I’ll one day revisit any given thing. It’s bookmarked to reduce the future search space.

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      I would like to find the energy to do something like this, but between all the devices and different platforms it feels like the biggest shore ever and I give up every single time.

      One thing that bothers me with the approach discussed in the blog is that the writer is collecting URLs disregarding that most of the stuff in the web can disappear in the future. Sometimes I save whole web pages (when I’m on my computer) that I think are really important, but it would be nice to have a solution that tackles this issue. On any device, for every platform.

      There are simply too many information sources today, it feels overwhelming.

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        I have had an almost identical experience, at various points storing bookmarks on del.icio.us, Xmarks and Pocket and keeping starred items on YouTube, Reddit, etc. Today I keep a Git managed folder of Markdown files most of which contain annotated lists: bookmarks, movies, books, papers, places I’ve been, things I want to buy, etc. It’s more of a personal diary than something I would like to share publically.

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          I’ve tried that, and what didn’t work for me as recall. I could remember the approximate topic of a link but without fuzzy search (much like Google, contextual), I gave up.

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          I too feel like I am missing a solution. I tried using pinboard for the last year, but the cookies kept expiring and it added enough friction that I could never use the site when I wanted too. Very annoying to have the bookmarklet die.

          I also need to store and process a lot of pdfs. I feel like I need some sort of database I can dump, files and links into (which would be archived) where I could attach notes, tags and thoughts. I can mirror this in my vimwik, but it isn’t quite everything.

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            I’ve tried just a notes app with export capabilities. I mostly want mobile access.

            One thing I don’t see anyone talk about is archiving or preservation along with bookmarking. How do you do that? Just internet archive?

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              Zettelkasten: a note taking method that HN is obsessed with right now. Originally used index cards, now uses hipster Electron apps.

              Zettelkasten is basically just a bunch of plain-text notes with links between them. You put them in a Git repo (or Dropbox, or whatever), and they are there for your lifetime. Everything else is just an addon to make it nice to work with them; but the core philosophy can be kept simple and future-proof.

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                I ended up with putting all my notes and some sort of bookmarks also in one folder as plain markdown files, I have some sort of categorization by using a simple name schema for my file names like: personal - journal.md and rely on hashtags and the search capabilities of my app of choice on each platform. I don’t put anything in folders (I only have one folder for attachments).

                I’m using nvalt/nvultra on my mac, iA writer with working copy (a git client) on my iphone and ipad and everything’s stored in a github repo, so I also have it on the web with their search functionality.

                Yet I’m still not happy with my solution and I always keep on reading posts like this one. I really want to use Evernote and/or MS OneNote, but I feel like I’m locked in and my stuff is not future-proof or accessible

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                  Last December i started using twitter for things other than shitposting, I noticed that everyone be taking notes and sharing stuff. I came across this guy https://twitter.com/visakanv he puts all of his threads on notion (https://www.notion.so/the-best-of-visakanv-s-twitter-threads-1a6ed25cf06e49e388a303903d597b73)

                  Overall I was very inspired and I organized all my HN, Lobsters, Reddit, In browser bookmarks etc. and spent more than a week organizing all the links in a way that made sense to me. I used https://docusaurus.io/ for the wiki and then I just keep adding stuff to it now. Best thing is I can just do whatever i want to it as it’s not limited by anything here.

                  I just update it locally and whenever I feel like putting things up, I just git push. I am totally loving the flow.

                  Just in case you’re interested in my wiki, here’s my favorite page: https://wiki.geekodour.xyz/docs/notes/history :)

                  Also I sort of documented my personal note taking strategy( it’s kind of bs tbh, but works for me :) ): https://wiki.geekodour.xyz/docs/notes/guides/notetaking