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    With your knowledge of OpenBSD, I’m curious why your choice of Ubuntu for ZFS. What made you choose Ubuntu rather than (FreeBSD || HardenedBSD)?

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      That’s a good question! It’s mostly because I’ve never really used {Free,Hardened}BSD so I know way better Ubuntu. Since I’ve been using Ubuntu for quite some time, I’ve some automation for it. Using Ubuntu was easier for me :)

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      Any thoughts on Exoscale vs Vultr vs others?

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        Exoscale is cheap and yet it’s perfect. The only drawback is they’re available only in Europe and I live in Québec so I have some unavoidable latency crossing the ocean.

        Vultr is quite good. I recently setup some BGP with them (https://www.vultr.com/features/bgp/) and while the support was reactive on a Friday evening (which I didn’t expect because I pay less than 10$/month) the work was far from perfect. Other than that I think they’re a pretty good deal.

        But I mostly picked both because they officially support OpenBSD. While OpenBSD works fine on KVM virtualization, I don’t want to deal with the support blaming the OS for something unrelated, just because they don’t officially support the OS.

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          There’s no such thing as perfect until you try Hetzner Cloud.

          Trust me, never looking back.

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            I assume for BGP you have ipv6 prefix? Curious what it was like getting one for yourself. As far as I’ve read it’s quite expensive and annoying to do it personally now.

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              Yes my ASN is IPv6 only. I plan to write about that in my next article, but it may be a few weeks/months until I publish it!

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                Good to know, I look forward to reading it!

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            thank you! Great read :)