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    oh my gosh, the new errors are beautiful! my favorite:

    error: Syntax error
       ┌─ /Users/a/parser_test/src/parser_test.gleam:13:38
    13 │ pub external fn a(name: String, Int, ,) -> Bool =
       │                                      ^ This is an extra delimiter.
    Hint: Try removing it?
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      Thank you, Greg did a fantastic job there!

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      Sweet! Any plans for a non-Erlang backend?

      I love Erlang, would like Gleam to run in more places. Wasm?

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        I would like to target wasm in future but no work has been done here. We are currently working on a JavaScript backend.

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          This has more to do with alternative backends for the BEAM bytecode rather than Gleam itself.

          With regards to WASM, the best bet could be Lumen

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            Lumen is very cool but Gleam compiling to wasm directly should be able to out-perform Lumen compiled code as it can break Erlang compatibility in that environment and perform much greater optimisations using the type information. I’m interested in making a wasm backend, but we may never get there as the current backends are the focus.