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    Very nice. I think it’s definitely worth reconsidering some of the common interface elements we use with computers.

    One nitpick: while it seems to support alternate names for countries in their native languages, such as “Deutschland” for Germany, it doesn’t seem to support any sort of non-latin scripts. For example, while typing “zhongguo” (the romanization of the Chinese name for China) correctly gives China, typing “中国” (the actual Chinese form of that name) does not. Same for other countries like Japan, where “nippon” works but “日本” does not, or Lebanon, where “لبنان” gives nothing.

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        Very nice, thank you. That would be the right way of going about it.

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      A more natural sorting order would be by popularity. Apple might want to prioritize United States, followed by United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Whereas a British newspaper may want to put United Kingdom first.

      This makes me want HTML6 to have a tag (or attribute or whatever) for country selection with system support for defaulting according to user locale.