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    Flutter blogging seems to be the flavour of the week. People seem really nonchalant about changing the whole language they are developing in. Changing a framework is a pretty big investment, but a whole language is pretty rare. Is mobile dev really so bad that switching languages isn’t a big deal?

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      Flutter have invested pretty heavily in premade UI components, so assembling things should be very straightforward if you have sufficiently isolated your business logic to a backend. and yeah, existing mobile dev really is perceived as broken enough that people are pretty eager to try totally new approaches. if Flutter could isolate me from just the Samsung- and Amazon-specific Android bugs I find in the wild, it would be worth a whole new language.

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        Well, what Dart has going for it is that it’s syntax is pretty similar to a few popular languages (including both Java & Swift, which are the dominant languages used by mobile devs) so it’s really easy to get started with it if you already know at least one of them.