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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    Fly to a place to give a talk, and then flying to another place that night to give another talk, and then Strange Loop.

    I am so doomed.

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      Looking for work, which is annoying and I’m glad I’ve only had to do it every couple of years.

      In other news, my life is beset with minor-to-large annoyances:

      • Truck A/C blower is busted, probably due to a burned-out wiring harness. Because no job, will be looking to replace that myself–involves replacing a resistor pack, clipping and grafting a new harness, soldering said harness (probably), heatshrinking the soldering, and then putting it all back together. Not fun.
      • I nuked my blog server Because Reasons earlier this summer, need to stand it back up. Am torn between just getting it done vs. setting up responsible playbooks or something for it.
      • My NAS kicked out some of its drives, and I’m pretty sure I just lost a bunch of stuff. I am very unhappy about this, but will need to do a whole bunch of remediation efforts to figure out what the fuck–and I’m probably still going to lose all that data. And yes, the NAS was my backup solution, thanks for pointing that out.
      • My stove light is burned out.
      • A backchannel I host needs some updates, including some email work, so I’ve gotta sort that out.
      • My happy little music box a friend helped me set up no longer works (due to NAS autoimmolating), and I need to handle that bit of sysadminning as well. Folks, seriously, the more computers in your life the less happy you’ll be.

      I’m really just tired and depressed from getting back from summer adventures, but these things pass–hopefully.

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        What kind of work?

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          Remote work, preferably full time. I do full stack web development, minor preference for Elixir on the backend, strong preference for simple stacks. If it’s interesting (especially if it’s graphics/VR!) I’m happy to do non-web stuff, though I think the iteration times and cost concerns are better with web tech.

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          Hate that a bunch of stuff dropped on you at once. That seems to be going around at least in my locale and network. Good luck on it. Especially job and data loss. I can relate.

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            Oh noes, recently quit a job, looking for a new one atm and now I need to check my backups and SMART values, it seems….

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              What kind of work are you looking for?

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                “now I need to check my backups “

                I’ll be doing that later tonight or my next big window of time. Used some of this one to hit the gym hard with a new workout. Upgraded some numbers. Pretty exhausted. I’m gonna try a berry smoothie and some black tea to see if I get any energy back for doing the maintenance tonight.

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            An unanticipated distraction of writing device driver for Texas Instruments HDC2010 humidity/temperature sensor. Don’t let hardware guys select your system components, folks!

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              Things I’d like to accomplish this week:

              1. Perform maintenance of the following servers: amd64 package build server; binary update build server.
              2. Attempt to determine why our ThunderX2 is not booting HardenedBSD 13-CURRENT/arm64.
              3. Surprise my wife with a few strategically-placed love notes.
              4. Build out more infrastructure for the BSD security working group the HardenedBSD Foundation is spearheading. Get a gitea server online.
              5. My wife and I started taking a free course offered through our congregation on becoming self-reliant through personal and familial financial planning and preparation. We started week two on Sunday and I’m hoping to work through some of the material.
              6. Deploy more HardenedBSD VMs at NIST.
              7. More that I’m forgetting due to a migraine I’m currently experiencing.

              Putting on the “HardenedBSD Cofounder” hat due to mixing official HardenedBSD stuff with personal stuff in the list above.

              edit[0]: grammar

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                Surprise my wife with a few strategically-placed love notes.

                That’s what I’m talking about! One guy I knew had the love notes hanging off strings where they would bump into her face at key moments of her leaving the bedroom to start her morning routine. Hallway, kitchen, living room… randomly. She’d be like “Wtf!?,” grab the thing, focus to read it, and it make her day. Became a routine part of their lives, but a good routine.

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                Surveys galore for me. Abstractions went very well and I’m designing some surveys to be sent to our attendees, sponsors, and scholarship recipients.

                On top of that, I’m working on the second iteration of my Pittsburgh-centric software professional compensation survey. I’ve had a few false starts on it throughout the last few months, mostly getting distracted by other things. I recently rediscovered some notes from a working group session on the topic so I’ve turned those notes into questions and am working on the flow of the survey.

                If you have a particular survey software you’d recommend, I’d love to hear it. For 2017, we used Google Forms and I hastily wrote some gnarly survey analysis scripts that I’d like not to have to do this time around if I can avoid it, even if I have to throw some money at the problem.

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                  I’m totally addicted to Qt now. I keep adding little features to tilerswift (my NES tile editor), although the important bits aren’t there yet. I don’t care! I’m having fun and learning lots of Qt along the way.



                  I’ll probably keep working on it this week, but I’ll have to pause as my mom is coming over to visit soon and I’ll be spending all my time with her when she does. I took two weeks off work just to be with her.

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                    Progress on the KZ80 is still moving slowly, but not in a bad way. Realising that what I didn’t know about the CP/M memory requirements is now limiting me, I’m trying to spend more time on other Z80 machines to see what else I should be thinking of. It’s also nice having a slow project.

                    • I’m still waiting on the mainboards as well as some support boards (like the EEPROM programmer).
                    • The keyboard switches are here. I’m missing one switch (for the fn key) and I’m trying to find a suitable replacement.
                    • I realised that I could simplify the I/O board design: it reads the full address bus, but I/O requests only use the lower 8-bits of the address. That means I can use an 18-pin MCP23008 instead of a 28-pin MCP23017. It also cuts out one of the buffer chips.
                    • I have a backplane on order that translates the 40-pin interconnect header to the RC2014 style 39-pin headers. I needed a new SIO/2 serial card for my RC2014, which I can also use to start working on a monitor.
                    • I’ve been working on learning Z80 assembly using an emulator for the Z80 membership card. The actual hardware should be here today \o/.
                    • I’m continuing to read

                    Unrelated but

                    • I’ve also been debating standing up a BBS.
                    • I’ve been getting a Compaq SLT/286 back up and running. I don’t have a 720K floppy (and attempts to use 1.44M floppies as 720K have failed), so I’ve decoded Compaq’s QRST format and I’m working on being able to translate it to larger disk sizes. I’m looking for a 386 laptop, too; if anyone’s looking to get rid of one, I’m interested.

                    There’s a general theme of wondering if where we ended up computing wise is really necessary in my personal life, and trying to find ways to make it more personal.

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                      There’s a general theme of wondering if where we ended up computing wise is really necessary in my personal life, and trying to find ways to make it more personal.

                      I’ve been thinking a lot about the same thing, alternating between the viewpoint of “everything should be designed as well as possible” and “who cares, I’ll just deal with it.” The entire information security industry wouldn’t exist if a memory-safe language became the underpinnings of computing instead of C, but at the same time Lisp Machines failed in the market then and something with the same philosophy probably wouldn’t succeed now.

                      I kind of like Yossi Kreinin’s philosophy (that programming is just shoveling virtual poo for a living). However, he works in an industry in which he doesn’t get a whole lot of control over his tech stack (low level stuff). His side project philosophy is great too.

                      An interesting middle ground is that of Paul Graham: he already knew a “fun” language that didn’t see a whole lot of use in industry and found that it allowed him to more effectively start Viaweb. Of course, the whole thing is pure survivorship bias.

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                      Working on using AI to clone videogame characters’ voices.

                      Here’s Dr. Kleiner from Half-Life: https://twitter.com/theshawwn/status/1171186438899191808

                      It was cloned entirely from this MP3. https://gamepedia.cursecdn.com/dota2_gamepedia/e/e9/Dlc_kleiner_announcer_team_complete_post.mp3

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                        An emulator for my own made up ISA, Dvx.


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                          Soon I will be looking for testers of a new bit of software I’ve been writing. If you are a linux user, interested in hermetic builds and sharing software and dev envs, and want to play with something new, send me a message or reply.

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                            Two and a half days of work, then heading to St Louis for Strange Loop!

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                              Looking for a new job.

                              Yes, this is what I’ll probably do this and next week, and I didn’t even planned it at Sunday evening. The company which I work for just closed the whole location yesterday instantly and wiped all the teams out without any prior notice or preparation. They’re of course moving developers and admins to the HQ one by one and plugging them into other teams, but overall situation doesn’t look good and making it so immediate and unexpected isn’t promising as well.

                              I’m mostly looking for a system administration job, maybe Golang dev, preferably involved more in baremetal, more “classical” UNIX ecosystem instead of “cloud” technobabble (but I know it, too).

                              I’m located in Kraków, Poland. Remote is possible too, if you can justify the needed paperwork for cross-border work.

                              My resume and contact info is at my home page

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                                Sorry you got hit with that kind of BS. Wish you best of luck on getting into better place.

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                                At work, the progress on our plugin is on hold waiting for an email response from the main app vendor, so I’m working on some smaller backlog tasks. Right now I’m improving/refactoring our file “dumper” that spits out debug info the first time we import a file.

                                I’m recovering from my vasectomy, so I’m taking it easy and laying around the house. I’m learning Italian and to play the piano, so I’ve been practicing those 30 minutes (or more) each day.

                                Still reading “Parallel Logic Programming,” but might jump over to “The Art of Prolog” once it gets delivered.

                                Also working on an OpenGL based viewer for playing with Blend2d.

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                                  • Answering the editor of my book’s questions, pushing toward a final version.

                                  • Finished moving my wife to Texas, settling in now.

                                  • Teaching a friend the basics of desktop publishing and LaTeX.

                                  • Going over the Baltimore Catechism and how it compares pedagogically with the universal Catechism.

                                  • Seeing a German Shepherd Dog tomorrow that needs a new home.

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                                    Finally got around to writing something using XDP: https://github.com/sevagh/ape

                                    I’m not happy with it yet, but it fulfilled a pretty cool purpose - I was able to test my implementation of packet-loss concealment and jitter correction in an RTP audio streaming program, by using ape to drop and scramble packets.

                                    I still don’t quite understand AF_XDP (https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/networking/af_xdp.html) even though I use it in ape.

                                    Different from my typical projects is that XDP (and especially XSK maps and AF_XDP) are pretty brand new to the Linux kernel, so I had to learn how to code from “primary sources” (official docs, examples, source code, and mailing list discussions) and less second-hand blog/stackoverflow copy-pasting.

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                                      I’m trying to figure out the go present tool. I like the format, I like the features, and I want to use it. However, the documentation seems to be pretty lax compared to other Golang documentation that’s chock full of examples.

                                      I would be very interested in any documentation, tutorials, guides, etc. that y’all may know of.

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                                        Having made several go present presentations, let me make it easier for you: there is actually no documentation to speak of. The best way to learn is to look at the source of an existing presentation. Luckily, there are several here: https://github.com/golang/talks/tree/master/content.

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                                          there is actually no documentation to speak of

                                          I was afraid to go as far as to say there was no documentation, in case I’d missed something; that said, I agree and there’s virtually nothing except other people’s presentations to reference. Thank you very much for the link

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                                        I’m going to spend an hour every night trying to get my hobbyist computing stack running on Soso. It already runs atop a Linux kernel, and it only uses 3 syscalls so I figured if Soso can run Doom it should be a cinch. But no, it turns out the exit() syscall doesn’t actually return a status code. Apparently one doesn’t just save the status code directly in exit() but messes with signals and whatnot. Why? If it happens in the kernel process there shouldn’t be any race conditions. I guess I’ll try it and find out.

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                                          Things I’d like to do this week

                                          1. Setup a CI/CD system for vishap oberon compiler which builds for x86, x86_64, armv7 and ppc using buildbot.
                                          2. Setup MISP server for CiviCERT.
                                          3. Setup buildbot and write automation scripts for EVNCERT to handle scanning Armenia and reports from Shadowserver.
                                          4. Setup FreeBSD image registry at $WORK, where we’ve built our own containerization scheduler and orchestration system for FreeBSD Jails and Linux runc.
                                          5. Write a blog-post in Armenian about some of the emotional issues I’ve been having lately due to the crash of my love-life.
                                          6. Go out and have drink with my co-founders, haven’t been out in a while :)
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                                            Small tweaks to the server running the online Sneklang evaluator at https://sneklang.functup.com

                                            Working on Bitcoin lightning invoicing with LND for a different side project to sell art.

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                                              Pondering the weirdness and good luck that has taken me from “sigh… my seven years of higher education is worthless, guess I’ll write code for a living” to someone saying to me “glad to have you working with us, let’s get your flight suits ordered”.

                                              Also trying that whole self-care thing for the n+1th time. Depression sucks, yo.

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                                                Trying to get my development groove back. Made two rookie mistakes with some released code the past two weeks because I just couldn’t bring myself to care more about it.

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                                                  Nothing exciting. I’ve had a few clarifying conversations at work, so I’m polishing up my resume and thinking about next steps. I still am invested in my people and our projects, but I don’t see a path to the career growth I want here. It’s a bummer, but so it goes.

                                                  I’ve also finally decided that I do not have the time to replace the radio in CAR, so I’m going to get that done by a pro.

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                                                    Giving my Data Engineering 101 talk at a local MeetUp.

                                                    (This will be my second public talk ever, after a rousing success last month on a different talk).

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                                                      Again, as for last three months, I will work on improving my own little language (https://github.com/antonmedv/expr). Now as more and more companies around the globe using it, I decided to try to make some money on my OSS. I’m building paid side project: JavaScript code editor for my language, so it will be much easier to use in in admin interfaces and web applications. Main difference and difficulty it’s what it has autocomplete. First demo already available here https://antonmedv.github.io/expr-demo/

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                                                        That is really great, I like the debugger. Maybe I’m missing something, but I do not understand how to get the demo to respond. Only the texarea is displayed without any buttons…

                                                        1. 1

                                                          Yes, this is what my side project is. Just a textarea for Expr code.

                                                      2. 1

                                                        Working from home so I can see a physiotherapist. Also barely slept last night, so I’m not being very productive.

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                                                          Working some more this week on my learning model. Not a lot of work to do right now as the proof of any model is in the execution, but it needs to account for the usual tropes we all know about personal learning, small team dynamics, and the current state of AI. Need to get my two books compiling, the first chapters up, and some video shot explaining what each book will be about.

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                                                            I’m working on using OpenFAAS in my kube cluster. For some reason the scale to zero part isn’t working, but the rest seems great so far.

                                                            1. 1

                                                              Learning a bunch about Inverse Kinematics so I can implement some neat 3D rigging controls.

                                                              1. 1

                                                                Heading to Strange Loop with my 10yo son!

                                                                We’re both super excited to do City Museum and see some awesome presentations at the conference.

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                                                                  Trying to run towards the MVP finish-line for my sideproject, a trip-planner for which I finally decided on a name and registered a domain.

                                                                  It’s very satisfying to work on something with that much intense focus, but in between I’m making sure to go bouldering often enough and call up a friend every once in a while.