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    Very neat, I might want to play around more with a steam deck someday. I wonder if it can run Wayland…

    However, I’m not sure you get to shame the Steam deck for not including a default password, then recommend doing curl some-url | sh to install something. :-P Though from the look of it the script escalates with sudo as necessary, and they don’t say to do curl | sudo sh, so this is a nitpick.

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      . I wonder if it can run Wayland…

      It can and does by default. When running in game-mode, steam games are run through gamescope, a wayland compositor.

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        Sweet. Thanks!

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        In their defense, this installation method is taken verbatim from the Nix docs. Still unfortunate, but the blame is elsewhere.

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          Aha, thanks. The method does seem to be becoming less fashionable, but I do wish it would do so faster, if only to get more people working with Flatpak or AppImage or OS package managers instead of rolling their own thing every time.

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            I don’t think that’s possible for something like Nix. The Nix installer creates the root /nix directory, configures some build daemon users, sets up a systemd daemon and changes the user’s .profile. Can this be done within Flatpak or AppImage namespaces?

            Even the Nix project managing this complexity for each distribution’s package manager would be a nightmare.

            The Nix installer has a bunch of problems but I don’t see a way of doing hugely better.

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              There is


              With packages. Most of the stuff is done in a post-install hook, but at least it cleans up after removal, works with distributions that have SELinux enabled, etc.

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        I’d love to get my hands on a Steam Deck at some point. But valve hardware is almost impossible to acquire in Australia. The Index only just became available late this year.

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          There’s a few companies that use can use to buy things in the UK or US and ship it back to Oz. It’s higher than the prices valve advertised right now for Oz, but realistically I don’t believe they’ll remain there, given that the UK is over $200 more expensive already.

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            I really want one too. You can easily get them on eBay from scalpers at about 2x the price of exchange rate: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/295421283361

            But Valve said that all Asia region orders will be shipped by end of 2022 so I hope they’re looking to expand regions, since they’re caught up.

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            Related is Jovian NixOS: https://github.com/Jovian-Experiments/Jovian-NixOS

            Which is full NixOS but with the Steam Deck UI, kernel, firmware, fan control software, etc.

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              Ah I see it was linked in this text:

              Want NixOS instead? A different, spicier kind of fun can be found here.