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    Xerox and HP have long since made my list of ‘never ever buy’ for their printers…. So glad to stick with Brother, Great (standards / Linux) support, cheap, no DRM crapware.

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      I’m really impressed with how Brother has improved. They used to make printers that were basically HP clones. Then they made printers that were less featureful but more reliable than HP ones. Now they’re making ones that are reliable and have a great feature set. I finally bought a printer last year after my mother borrowed mine 10 years ago and then moved to France. It’s a Brother all-in-one thing and it can even upload scan results via SFTP. The really impressive thing for me is that the UI refuses to let you configure it without providing the server’s key fingerprint, so you have to set it up in the secure configuration (I like using SFTP for this because OpenSSH can trivially chroot the internal sftp-server and prevent the account created from the printer from being able to do anything malicious even if the printer is compromised).

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      I can do that without a vulnerability

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        Just have to look at the thing and it says PC LOAD LETTER

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          what the fuck does that mean?

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              My best guess is that it’s a printer meant to be used with PC’s, and it also wants you to insert paper of the “Letter” size.

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                “Load letter size paper into the paper cassette (PC)”

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                  Ah right, makes sense.