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    htop is nice, until you got so used to it that you find a system without it frustrating and unintuitive.

    IMO, top is to htom like vi to vim: feel free to use it, but keep in mind that it has more features that one needs. Knowing the basics the “simpler” tools isn’t that bad.

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      One of the things I find myself doing most often with htop is viewing a filtered list of processes. I can sort of get the same with top with something like top -p $(pgrep -d ',' "foo|bar"), but that only shows processes that existed when you start the command, and doesn’t pick up new ones (it also doesn’t work on BSD where the -pid switch doesn’t take comma-delimited lists like Linux’s -p does).

      I guess I’m just missing it, but how are we supposed to view a live-filtered list in top (same as <F4> in htop)?

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      A bit irrelevant, I was using htop for a while now, but lately I found glances which gives more information for your system and I am happy with this for now…

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        First time I’ve actually used it. I like how everything stopped moving/refreshing when I started using the arrow keys. Some I’ve used in the past still kept jumping around until I sorted by name or something.

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          It is really good! and despite its apparent simplicity it has a lot of features!