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        I wonder if thats to better make use of performance/cost benefits between cloud suppliers or that they actually have redundant backups at each supplier and those services just happen to be pointing towards certain providers now.

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          A theory put to me was that they’re taking freebies where they can get them, as a charity.

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      The contents of the served X-About header (as of 2020-01-19 08:01 GMT), in case anyone’s on mobile and doesn’t have access to a curl or browser devtools:

      This site provides a query interface over the public IP address range manifests published by a number of the large cloud providers and CDNs. The /search path provides a simple boolean lookup (with region if possible) to determine if the passed IP (or the IPs a domain name resolves to) is present in a given provider’s ranges, across all manifests. All other paths return the most specific logical blocks of the given provider’s manifest that contain the IPs passed or resolved. It is run by github.com/sampointer [and an email address, which I’ve omitted because scrapers]

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      I’m a fan of tool like this. Good work. I had my own tool similar to this as well

      Question: How do you update the data? Do you scrape API of that service in some kind of cron/timer?


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      This is a great little tool. Fantastic work!