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    What do I have to pay to opt-out of governments from spying on my family and I?

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      Historically, the blood of patriots and tyrants.

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        You make that one out to Smith and Wesson.

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        What I find most interesting about this is that this info is apparently worth at least $29. If I search for hotels in Miami, rental car companies are apparently willing to put up serious money to drop ads at me.

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          I wonder if using a VPN “fixes” this.

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              I suppose you could use the VPN just for casual browsing, and let ATT spy on your Netflix traffic for whatever good that does them.

              AWS, linode, etc. should be able to handle a gigabit of traffic if you want to run it yourself.

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              VPNs are not a magic bullet. Anonymity, privacy, and lack of logs are NOT guaranteeable things. If you actually want these, use Tor or I2P.

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                I could use my “private” (on a VPS) VPN..