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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.

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    I have today off so I don’t have to answer any of your questions!

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      I’m creating a game based on the Knight’s tour problem. It’s fairly simple but I wanted to learn HTML5 and refresh my minimax algorithms. So the idea is to move like a chess knight on a randomly generated board, not being allowed on the same square twice, but you take turns with the same piece and try to be the last one able to make a move. Turns out some of the game modes are pretty addictive so I’m thinking of polishing it and putting it on Itch.

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        We bought a house, so we’re doing all of the real estate related nonsense. I’m going to take this opportunity to downsize my computer setup, so I’m also thinking seriously about if I could live on Windows, instead of buying Apple hardware. At work, it’s the week we do the performance review calibrations, which is a process that I in theory endorse but in practice doesn’t work out that well at providing a consistent, term-to-term baseline for performance. I don’t know a better approach, but I’d love to try and figure something else out.

        I’m also really having trouble coming to grips with scrum as process; it just feels alien and weird, and, as our team’s external stakeholders are other infrastructure groups, the whole sprint/demo cycle feels totally wrong. I get the business has need of visibility into how the software groups are doing, but a lot of this ceremony feels like what I call “scienceology” – fake precision and graphs and shit that serve only make the recipients feel like stuff is getting done. It has a strong stink of idiotic kabuki.

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          I also have had that experience from Scrum in the past. Maybe they weren’t scrumming hard enough, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea even when done “right”

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          I’m looking into how I could go about doing a graduate degree in history. I’m researching the researchers at this point, looking for any at Ontario universities who do work in the history of science. If anyone knows someone, let me know. I’d appreciate it.

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            There’s actually a Wikipedia article on that.

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            As always – my company.

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              oh browserling … long time no see … I really like your pricing scheme … browserstack just got insanely expensive as i remember …

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              I’m planning to continue working on the Yggdrasil app for iOS devices - already somewhat working and currently in TestFlight - including automatic connection/peering setup using AWDL/multipeer with other nearby devices, and continuing on some rather large refactoring code changes that we’ve been doing in our main Go codebase.

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                I am preparing for an exchange semester in Amsterdam that I will start next week. The pieces are finally falling into place and I hope to finish the bureaucratic stuff in the next couple days. Additionally, I planned my schedule for moving out and am saying goodbye to friends in Tübingen over the course of the week. It is quite stressful as the deadlines all approach as the same time; exams are coming up as well.

                On another note, last week I programmed a small python script that automatically saves my discover weekly playlist, if that has not happened (it checks daily whether a plalist containing all the tracks already exists). The small project was actually quite fun and I haven’t programmed anything for personal use in quite a long time. If anyone want to take a look at it, it’s on the sr.ht website.

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                  Welcome to the Netherlands!

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                  @life It’s been one year I’m looking for work in Europe with little success but a couple of interviews and a lot of automated rejections without feedback. So this week I’ll try to make a plan on what to improve to have a better chance. Most probably I will start with learning something new and practising somehow for the interviews. It’s going to be hard since I’m a little burned-out.

                  @work same old delayed projects

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                    I am on vacay the first part of the week… so putzing about and doing not too much. Botanic garden today, fancy dinner at a primo butchery, perhaps some diving into bins at a record store. Back at work, I’ll be doing some stuff related to migrating some services off of SQL Server and going through chapters 4 and 5 of the Little Schemer with the lisp study group.

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                      I am participating in Hack RC! The calendar event is 24 hours so I assume I will be spending this Wednesday hacking on self-hosted CI/CD with GitLab and k8s. I think the global game jam is later this week or something and I will be going to the NYU game center to hack with a team of recursers.

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                        Job applications, interviews, working on some personal finance tools, and meeting with my non-profit organizations!

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                          General “plumbing” of our infrastructure.

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                            Boring things at work this whole week. Some sales support trips. Helping parts procurement for the first production run of new hardware.

                            Personal, making a drill app for Nordic pistol shooting. Range commands, timed shooting, things like that.

                            Fixing a Leica Summicron 35/2 lens that got some breadcrumbs inside.

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                              stILL Refac.toring a |nast y wOrdpress them

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                                School starts back up again this week, lots of brainpower devoted to that.

                                I’ve been working on a thesis about machine learning, and noticed a disappointing lack of tutorials for using the TensorFlow Object Detection API. I’m currently in the process of writing the tutorial that I wish already existed about the topic.

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                                  Just accepted a devops-y job at a local robotics company making sensor packages for drones, so I’ll probably be able to pay Ye Olde Mortgage in February. A little apprehensive, since even on a federal holiday their office was full, so work/life balance may suffer and I seldom do well when that’s the case. We will see how it goes.

                                  Until then I want to work on https://cargofox.io/ , a website for doing analytics and data mining of the Rust crates.io repository.

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                                    Implementing a harness for running property-based state machine tests against a command-line application. Similar to the state machine tests for WordPress described here: https://qfpl.io/posts/intro-to-state-machine-testing-1/

                                    I juuuuuust made it work too, yay! I’m able to treat the application as a black box and see if I can poke holes in it by describing various individual commands with pre/post conditions, state updates etc. The testing library then generates random but valid sequences of commands (using the pre-conditions) and tells me when and how it broke it. :D

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                                      That’s awesome!

                                      I recently tried out the python hypothesis library, it has some very durable property testing that includes nice state machine semantics (this blog post has an example). If you’re looking for inspiration on building up a nice API, I’d recommend it. Of course you can call out to CLI tools from Python

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                                        I’m using this delicious Haskell package -> hedgehog. It has a nice API already! :D

                                        I did notice that Hypothesis has some state machine shenanigans going on, which is very cool. Property based tests and state machine tests are so immensely useful. I’ve a few ideas that are being worked on, hopefully I have some thing more interesting to crow about in the near future!