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What RSS feeds do you currently subscribe to?

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    I don’t anymore, and it brings me much sadness.

    I guess I subscribe to podcasts, which stand on top of RSS. But otherwise, I’m out of the RSS game.

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      I’ve picked up a few blogs over time from reading on HN and other places on Reddit.

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        Nice to see me featured in your list! Great to hear people enjoy reading my content. 😌

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          You’re welcome!

          If it interests you, many of the articles that I especially enjoy are on the topic of your technical reasoning behind choosing various services or your development process. I learned about BunnyCDN through one of those articles and now use it for a few projects of my own :)

          It’s good content :) I’m happy to share it.

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        Too many to list! I subscribe to over 1000 feeds. Almost half of those are in my Rust category, added as part of maintaining Read Rust. If anyone’s interested in the latter I periodically publish the list: https://readrust.net/rust-blogs.opml

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          I publish a blogroll on my blog with links to all RSS or JSON Feeds: https://jlelse.blog/blogroll/

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            I mean, you could always share OPML files here too.

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                I try to keep up with energy and climate change so:

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                  Cool thx! I have these climate podcasts but im not really in love with any of them:

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                    Here’s mine:

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                  For non-programming discussion,

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                      Some random tech related picks:

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                        Mostly people I know and web comics.

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                          (Shameless self-promotion: usesthis.com has a main feed (usesthis.com/feed.atom), and one for each category (usesthis.com/categories/linux/feed.atom, etc.).

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                          Here are a couple of recommendations I’ve enjoyed lately, both tech and non tech:

                          Don Jones: http://donjones.com/feed/

                          Orange Duck: http://theorangeduck.com/feeds/pages

                          Rintrah: https://www.rintrah.nl/feed/

                          Weathered and Shorn: http://www.weatheredandshorn.com/rss

                          Love Breeds Accountability: https://lovebreedsaccountability.com/feed/

                          and of course, shameless self promotion:


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                            I use Inoreader to sync feeds and Reeder app to read. Have two folders. 1. for top feeds and 2. for rest. Here is an export of all feeds (1000+)


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                              A few cherry picks of blogs with a reasonable posting cadence and consistently writing about one topic in depth:

                              great inspiration for Engineering Managers:

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                                  I use RSS with Huginn to remix and regenerate lists based on tags and popularity in aggregator site feeds. This way I can tune out sites that I don’t like, focus on keywords for topics I’m interested in and deduplicate before it hits my feed.

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                                    None, I don’t like RSS feeds.

                                    You find some blog with an interesting article about some topic. You subscribe to it hoping to get similar articles in the future. But typically the author has a much broader scope of interest and then you start getting articles about different topics, or even his/her vacations, foods, status updates, political views, etc.

                                    So for most blogs, following RSS seems a bit too noisy for me.

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                                      RSS isn’t just about personal blogs. I use RSS to create some super aggregator or aggregators, e.g. with lobster.rs, some web comics I like, project status updates, some news sites, etc.