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Interesting post on why Instagram wrote a RocksDB based storage backend for Cassandra. Stream also moved from Cassandra to RocksDB for our feed tech. Good to see that we were not the only ones struggling to keep Cassandra fast :) (Also see: https://stackshare.io/stream/stream-and-go-news-feeds-for-over-300-million-end-users)


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    Are there any implications of moving the storage layer to RocksDB? Or does the fact that it stores data sorted by key basically make it the same as a Cassandra sstable?

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      The article mentions some. For example, “The existing streaming implementation was based on the details in the current storage engine”. As I understand the article, Instagram still uses SSTable for streaming.

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      Thanks for posting!

      I want to remark on story submission guideline: It says “Commentary or opinion should be reserved for a comment, so that it can be voted on separately from the story”. I found both Instagram’s and Stream’s story worth upvoting, but I can’t upvote both as-is. Maybe next time!

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        Thanks for pointing that out. RocksDB is quite an impressive building block.