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    I’ve found the following link, which lists the talks along side the videos, to be the easiest to browse:


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      There are some cool things going on with transactional package management (Guix specifically). I like how FOSDEM talks feel real and low-key, contrasting with the rockstar attitude that we can see sometimes at other tech conferences.

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        because it is a community/volunteer run free event of people who care, not a marketing show sponsored by VC money. No need to “sell” something as there are not “buyers” in the audience. We really need more events like fosdem.

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        I can heartily recommend the talks Purely Functional GPU Programming with Futhark and A dozen years of Memcheck.

        The former is a high level functional programming language that compiles down to OpenCL, and provides easy to use Python modules that wrap all your functions. I’m currently looking into creating a similar binding infrastructure for Rust and Futhark. Quite amazing and a low barrier to entry for GPU programming.

        The latter gives a good overview of the development and evolution of Valgrind, how it works internally and what the current limitations are.

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          Thanks, I would have missed that (Furthark).

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          The link submitted takes you to the talks of a single room.


          Would have been a better link

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            Processing of FOSDEM videos is ongoing, about 80% are processed. 544 are currently available.