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    We have accidentally bought a fake Ultimaker a few years back. Some suckers exploited the good will of Makerbot. They were offering both free software and open hardware and a lot of greedy people with zero investment in the industry sold unreliable knock-offs as their own products, even lying about using the GPL code when it was clearly identifiable from the console output. We ended up returning it after a few months.

    When Makerbot announced they will no longer provide the schematics, it felt like an end of something cool.

    Just a sad memory of mine.

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      Hm, I don’t fully understand. So the machine you bought was literally a fake or had a different machine name and supplier?

      Because, well, the whole idea behind the GPL is that everyone can do whatever they like with the software, including producing cheap knock-offs of the hardware and driving it with the software.

      It’s sad that the vendor didn’t comply with the GPL themselves.

      I have the feeling you are folding many complaints into one and don’t know if I agree with all.