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    Related: Am I the only who goes through headlines or titles that I’m copy-pasting and replaces every punctuation character with one output by my (US English) keyboard? I loathe the Unicode dash.

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      What’s wrong with the unicode dash?

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        Yeah, I’m a huge fan of the Unicode em dash—seen in use here—because doubling up en dashes--ew--feels broken up.

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        You’re probably not the only one, but out of curiosity: Why do you do it? Because you’re used to how it looks? Because you think it looks better?

        I greatly prefer real dashes instead of double or triple hyphens and even use proper quotation marks and non-breaking spaces when writing.

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          Interestingly, I use real em dashes, en dashes and ellipses (“…”), but straight quotes and apostrophes. (Aside: lobste.rs automatically unstraightens quotes, which gives me a perverse urge to try to make it screw up.) I can easily type the dashes and ellipsis with compose key combinations, but not directional quotes (though «guillemets» are possible), which may explain that.