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    Perhaps it is also time to introduce the “NoScript Index”: X.Y

    X: how many times does one have to select “Temporarily allow all this page” to get the website working

    Y: how many times does one have to select “Temporarily allow all this page” to load all 3rd-party scripts

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      HTML was designed for academics, not the average Joe


      You can’t blame web developers for making a completely rational decision [to forgo page optimization]

      Doesn’t this get trotted out about every technology that reaches widespread use? “It could be good, but it’s too hard/expensive to do it right, and we can’t blame programmers for that.” So what can we blame programmers for? It seems like there’s a big meme out there that’s hellbent on letting them do whatever they want if they so much as utter ‘pragmatism.’

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        So what can we blame programmers for?

        Not delivering what they were paid for. Maybe not making the options clear to the client. If you wanted a lightweight page, asked your programmer for it, and made it clear that you were willing to pay extra for it, then you get to complain if you don’t get it. But don’t expect them to do it for free.

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          Alas, there are a great many sites which cause me to wonder, “who, exactly, asked for this?”

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        calvin calvin@lobste.rs wrote:

        Page web bloat score (WebBS for short) is calculated as follows:

        WebBS = TotalPageSize / PageImageSize

        Proper web bloat score would be more like

        WebBS = TotalPageSize / PlainText

        Where PlainText is text that is visible on Screen after rendering completes.

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          I don’t think your formula works properly for a great many pages, like “pictures of my honeymoon”. A compressed screenshot does seem like a good first approximation of the information presented for a primarily visual medium.

          The original even works well for such pages, with a bloat score possibly below 1.0. A jpeg of dinner at sunset is more efficient than a png.

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          A full page screenshot at what screen resolution and at what zoom level?