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    The awful “jittering” of everything in PS1 has nothing to do with “subpixel rendering” it’s because textures aren’t perspective corrected, and it’s awful. Does anybody actually think it’s a desirable target to recreate?

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      Well… there’s “technically desirable” and “artistically desirable”.

      When the PS1 came out this was more or less state of the art in terms of real time 3D rendering for consumer devices and everyone with stakes in the game could agree that it was awful and that the next generation of real time 3D renderers should not suffer from this problem. It’s definitely not technically desirable, as in, if what you’re looking for is to render the most life-like images you can, it’s a really bad idea.

      However, if what you’re after is to capture that feeling of playing PS1 at a friend’s house after school, or to paint contemporary themes with 1994 brushes, or anything of the sort, then it absolutely is a desirable target to recreate. Nostalgia is the most obvious reason but it’s not just nostalgia – we enjoy, say, medieval art, and modern drawings in medieval style, (hopefully) without being nostalgic for the pre-antibiotic times of warring petty barons and serfdom.

      (Full disclosure: some of the retro stuff I write is commercial so there’s always the riskt that I’m deliberately bending facts so as not to be out of a job ;-) ).

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        It gives some of us a nice nostalgic feeling

        (He addresses texture mapping a bit further down)

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          the game Ultrakill replicates it and it looks alright. I’ve also seen many horror games replicate it because of the weird, praecox feeling you get when textures start moving and wobbling on you.

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          Great post!

          While a lot of these issues are technical limitations imposed by the hardware of the time, it’s a ultimately a tool used in a final application. While maybe not intentional, silent hill is imo a game where these stood out in a positive way. The combination of the eerie atmosphere and rendering artifacts often made it seem like a feverdream, which adds to the tension felt throughout the game.

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            That reminds me of the weird lo-res, brightly colored 3d models on top of high-res (for the time) drawings with drab colors in Alone in the Dark on a PC. Especially when the 3d monster would be standing with the camera “inside” it. Freaky as hell! But such an awesome game.