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    Awesome post that every graduating college kid with a CS degree should read. Thanks for the brutally honest insight into your past, Mediremi!

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      It’s shit like this that puts lie to the idea that programming is engineering.

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        Software is putty. Raw material. If you’re an artist, it’s art. If you’re an engineer, it’s engineering. If you’re a craftsman, it’s a craft.


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          So just like mechanical engineers and architects, computer programmers create artifacts that have to stand up to an objective reality. No one cares how pretty the code is if the program won’t work.

          — Maciej Ceglowski, Dabblers and Blowhards

          Various answers are possible, such as “Unbridled creativity has done more harm than good.” and “If the programmer really wants to be an impressionistic poet, he is in the wrong business.”.

          — Edsger W. Dijkstra, Real mathematicians don’t prove

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        Wow, excellent post. How did the post attract so many flamers/weirdos though? You may want to don some asbestos pants.

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          What’s your setup? What browser do you use? Operating system? What dos and donts should I follow? The experience you have from this company can be used against it by telling us what we should and should not do to avoid this sort of disgust. You suggested updating my browser, but I don’t know which browser you’re talking about.

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            Any of them? It sounds like this company was in the tier of junk ware which relied on deceptive check boxes to install their ads. Below that is the tier that uses browser/flash/etc exploits to accomplish the same.