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anyone have a recommendation for languages if one wishes to do this?

at the moment i only really know about Elm

any thoughts on elm?


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    It sounds (from your other comment) like you need something that compiles to JS. There’s PureScript with FRP libraries. There’s also pure JS stuff like NuclearJS that comes close to FRP even if might not be it in strict terms.

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      If you decide on PureScript, then depending on the flavor of FRP you want, you might also like

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        yes; right on, halogen, that’s the kind of thing i’m looking for, thanks!

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        yeah, this is what i’m tossing up between; things like PureScript and things like Elm.

        it seems perhaps wiser to go with PureScript and join in with other libraries if i need it; with Elm I seem to be pretty married to the Elm environment completely.

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        If anyone here has any suggestions around Conal Elliott’s continuous time formulation of FRP, rather than the Reactive Extensions / event-oriented variations that have recently laid claim to the term (including Elm), I’d love to hear them.

        As for Elm-style FRP, in ClojureScript there’s Reagent and re-frame. There was also a book that came out recently about doing FRP in Clojure, and the corresponding discussion on the Clojure Google group might prove helpful: https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/clojure/X7T3QS3wpOI

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          If I may hitch-hike on your question, and since you mentioned Elm, what is a good framework to build browser based interactive graphs on? My requirements are that it allows me to load data on demand from a sqlite database or other file in response to mouse clicks/ keyboard navigation.

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            I’ve heard that D3 is good for that. A lot of interactive diagrams have been built with that, including visualizations in New York Times articles and GitHub’s graphs of contributor activity.

            I don’t think it comes with built-in support for SQLite, though. You would have to use another library to do that interfacing.

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            Depending on what you want to accomplish there is the froc library in Ocaml.

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              this? https://github.com/jaked/froc

              seems like long-time-no-commits

              i want something haskell-ish. i’d like to get more haskell in our codebase.

              as for the task itself; it’s simply a site to take some input, display some graphs and maps, and hit some apis obtaining responses and displaying them. nothing too complicated.