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    I work with academics and can confirm: life is about papers, classes are getting bigger, hiding away on a mountain and making undergraduate sacrifices would be an honest holiday option.

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      It is time we did away with “publish or perish” and replace it with “publish and perish.” Nothing will be more blasphemous than writing a textbook that anyone can go out and buy. Those who commit such a crime will face expulsion and reprisals.

      Hppasus, a Pythagorean, was executed by his fellows for publicly revealing the existence of irrational numbers.

      (Okay, so it’s an apocryphal story, but since we don’t really know what happened, I choose to believe the more entertaining version.)

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        If it happenned, the fact that irrational numbers are problematic for Pythagorean religious teachings might have played a role — it’s not just a random discovery he let out, it’s a very inconvenient one.

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        I hope the satire tag is appropriate for this post. Recommending it.. cautiously.

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          McSweeny’s is the most serious possible satire.

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            I don’t see how it could be. What is it satirising? ‘Sardonic’ or ‘bitter’ would be more appropriate.