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    Anybody want to rip this to youtube so I can watch it?

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      OpenBSD still a bit behind on the GL front, eh? ;)

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        Disabled on purpose. But the page also causes my iPad to go into a “this page is broken” reload loop.

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      This is a very impressive technical demo, but I didn’t find it to be amazingly informative from a pedagogical standpoint.

      Some clever animations (for example, the blown-up display of the triangle/pixel mapping), and some nifty visualizations (for example, the sub-pixel sampling stuff), but I don’t really think it’s quite suited to “learn somebody a graphics pipeline”.

      I’d much rather see, perhaps, a JS implementation of parts of Abrash’s Black Book–just start with a sketches and explanations of basic rendering, and then let people edit code snippets to play with concepts. Eventually, show the who shebang.