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    All events will be recorded and live streamed at https://media.ccc.de/

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      To add to this, if you want to join or organize your own public viewing, check on the event wiki under Congress Everywhere

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      It’s a great event. I’m going and will be bringing my family.

      Send me a message if you want to talk about Firefox, Mozilla, Web/Browser Security or whatever :-) happy to meet other crustaceans!

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        Assembly list here, btw.: https://signup.c3assemblies.de/assemblies

        I won’t be there this year (I’ll actually be in the Kalahari desert without Internet ;)), but I helped kickstart the Rubytown and the Rust assembly, please pay them a visit. There’s a couple of very cool people hanging around there.

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          I’m going there. Will likely spend some quality time with a few of the openHMD folks. Send me a message to chat about display servers, VR, terminal emulators and so on.

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            Really looking forward to it. It will be my 11th edition.

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              I’ll be hanging around the rust table a bit! Feel free to stop by or DM if you’re interested in geeking out/hacking on/learning about lock free programming, high performance databases, distributed systems and correctness testing techniques :)

              Hoping to grow a few new contributors of all skill levels to sled, as the congress has proven to be a nice space for facilitating this in the past few years! (wow… sled is already a multi-year obsession…)

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                So excited for this – I’m attending in person for the first time this year.

                Quite a few of the “Hardware and Making” -flavored talks in particular sound really neat.