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    Dear @susam, this kind of CSS is usually referred to as classless.

    Here is a list of such classless CSSes: https://github.com/dbohdan/classless-css. SPCSS would fit nicely there.

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      Nice, and simple to edit. My first edit would be to turn text black again, to increase contrast. What purpose does gray text on white background serve?

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        My understanding is that black text is harder on the eyes than a very dark gray. E.g.


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          My thought too — if you feel the contrast is too high, it’s better for legibility to change the background to a faint sepia or very pale green. (Because science.)

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            I largely agree with you, but if you justify your argument with science it’s usually better to link articles that support your claim.

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          The link to the demo page is kind of buried in the README: https://susam.github.io/spcss/

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            OT; but, from the example:

            Issac Newton was relatively modest about his achievements