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    Clearly we’re all reading from the same substack, but for the 2 of you who aren’t and find this old stuff fascinating, here’s a link.

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      Thanks for adding the link. Also, thanks for subscribing.

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      Since this hit my inbox this AM, I’ve been looking for photos of the custom keycaps whenever I’ve had an idle moment.

      I’ve turned up an interesting review or two. And I’ve found one photo that shows them, but not too clearly from this post.

      For some reason, I really want to see them. By the time I came to the Apple II ecosystem in the mid 80s, most everyone had 80 column cards and Appleworks. I never saw Word Juggler in the wild.

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        After all, a glamorous package that says “easy to use” might not even be easy to open.

        …so buy our product that requires that you pop keys off your keyboard with a specialized tool.

        Gotta love the optimism of marketing. :)