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    The site displays poorly on mobile, so I had to turn on the reader view. Is the output of the commands shown? If yes, I couldn’t see it. So, what is the difference? :) I assume that shift n would bail out early with error, if n is greater than the number of arguments?

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      No, the output of the final commands is not shown, because I know from feedback that for many of my readers they prefer to go and experiment for themselves.

      In short, suppose you have only two parameters. Then “shift ; shift ; shift” ends up with all parameters unset, but “shift 3” leaves the parameters unchanged.

      Yes, I know it renders poorly on mobile. Indeed, it just renders poorly, period. I’d like to get the time and knowledge to change it, but the existing system is … (significant pause) … complicated, and changing it would be … (significant pause) … difficult. You can read more about how it works here:


      Every time I’ve approached someone to get assistance in upgrading and updating the site, they’ve taken a look and said “Nope, not possible, you’ll just have to replace everything.” Which isn’t really an option.