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Briar is a peer-to-peer messaging app that is resistant to censorship and works even without internet access. The app encrypts all data end-to-end and also hides metadata by utilizing Tor onion services.

Has anyone heard of this ?


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    I’d love to see a detailed comparison with SSB and any other similar projects.

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      I wonder how this compares to ring.cx which is GNU’s p2p chat protocol.

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        Suggested a colon between “Briar” and the rest as it reads now that it’s something that keeps your P2P messaging from being affected by thickets

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          I think the assumptions about the thread model are a bit unrealistic?

          “The adversary has a limited ability to persuade users to trust the adversary’s agents - thus the number of social connections between the adversary’s agents and the rest of the network is limited.”

          As the Stasi in east germany has showed, turning family members into agents is possible and has been done at large.

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            It’s a mobile app meant for synchronous group communication without a centralized server. It’s not like Secure Scuttlebutt.