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      The thing that annoys me is that companies that could/should/would oppose it such as reddit or ars don’t because it is an arms race, if they don’t someone else will and make more money/drive them out of business.

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      AMP is bad for the open web. Google is touting AMP as a way to reduce page load times, but it’s actually about pushing their proprietary HTML standard.

      Google could easily reduce page load times if they penalized slow loading sites, but they won’t, because doing so doesns’t help push their agenda.

      Until the AMP specification allows loading JavaScript from somewhere other than https://cdn.ampproject.org AMP cannot be considered an open standard.

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        “…it’s actually about pushing their proprietary HTML standard.”

        I don’t think that is quite it. AMP is Google’s equivalent of the Facebook walled garden, not socially, but attempting to constrain you to their walled off part of the internet. The longer they can keep you on a google server the better tracking they can do. See also gmail, YouTube, android, chrome. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still horrible, but I think tracking is the exact reason they created/bought all these products.

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        “AMP’s placement in Google’s search results creates a very, very skewed power differential between those who advocate for Google AMP’s usage, and those who publish their work on the open web”

        Using AMP isn’t an XOR proposition; it’s possible, recommended, and common to publish the same content in both AMP and “regular” HTML.

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          And then Google forces me to use the piece of shit AMP view anyway, which breaks sharing, scrolling, and copy/pasting all while wasting 20% of my screen. It wasn’t until recently that they even added a small, annoying “go to the actual webpage” button, and by the time I’ve clicked it it’s taken 10x as long to load the actual website I wanted (and google mislead me into believing I would get).

          When you make it a pain in the ass to use the open web, you’re damaging the open web. This is the same “embrace, extend, extinguish” bullshit Microsoft tried to pull back in the 90s.

          Literally everyone who’s not a google employee hates AMP, and my less tech literate contacts don’t even understand why their phone isn’t working properly when they try to go to the website they searched for.

          I’m being a bit blunt here, but AMP really frustrates me and is a perfect example of technology that actively makes people’s lives worse and should not exist.