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    This was a wonderful read, and it reminded me of Rash, a merger of Racket and shell scripting. I find it interesting the blog post is embedding a shell-like syntax within Python, while Rash is a language that embeds Racket syntax within itself.

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      Update: I turned this into a full python library with extra goodies, such as:

      • Piping to functions and generators for dynamic interaction
      • Switching between text/binary mode
      • More ways to add arguments
      • Having commands run in the background
      • globs
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        Reminded me of https://xon.sh :)

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          Brings this to mind: http://amoffat.github.io/sh/

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            Yep and I think that explicitly partially applying using their bake is a nice API. The blog post’s API supports pipes (and redirections!) which in my opinion is nicer than what the sh library offers.