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    It’s unfortunate that peer-to-peer video calls haven’t taken off, and WebRTC adoption is slow. It seems like part of it is the difficulty with NATs and closed ports on each client, but the platforms seem to prefer centralized services to give themselves control. The lack of interoperability between iPhone and Android is annoying, and with neither one taking the market in the near term, I wish they would try to work together better.

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      Is WebRTC not just The Way these things have to be done to get browser compatibility? So all the platforms are just using proprietary signalling servers and self-hosted TURN and/or forwarder and everything else is the same.

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        I think there are a few parts to WebRTC. To access the camera, you use getUserMedia, but I should have clarified the parts I was referring to was the RTC* interfaces for making the connection and communication. But maybe you’re right there are a few platforms that use more of WebRTC than others.