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    This is of great help to beginners looking into making QML applications with Qt5!

    I have 3 nitpicks:

    1. The intro/preface goes right into QML - to be expected from something called “qmlbook”, however the title is also “A Book about Qt5” and QtQuick (QML) is not the only way to create interfaces. A more trivial way of developing a Qt5 application is by using QtWidgets. Beginners might not be able to tell the difference between the two.
    2. The author uses qmake in the examples which is deprecated. The Qt Company is moving towards CMake.
    3. Qt6 is around the corner (releasing december 2020) and they have revamped QML significantly. I don’t believe it is backward compatible with Qt5 QML code (?). The book is about Qt5 so that’s fine I suppose.