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Although the authors compare their device to the Oculus Rift, the only sensor they are using for position tracking (head tracking) is the solid-state gyroscope type.

The Rift uses an external unit (camera-like) which tracks IR LEDs on the headset.

There are solutions: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=wii-remote+head+tracking&t=ffsb&ia=videos


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    This seems like a recreation of cardboard, at best gearvr, but the authors seem very very young. Pretty impressive and good writeup. Obviously once you’ve gotten to the point of an existing tech you can still go further. I hope these people keep exploring.

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      The screen they’ve listed in the readme is a higher-resolution than most mobiles used in Cardboard.

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      What a brilliant idea. Not only do these kids understand the community aspect of GitHub and opensource in general (seriously, this is better than most GitHub projects I’ve come across), but whereas Oculus opened the door for existing techies like you and me to get into VR, they’ve opened the door for ordinary kids and given them a goldmine to kickstart their entire careers. (I mean, I wish this was around when I was 15.) Expect big things to happen because of this.