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      Looking at their website, they have a press release claiming OpenVMS is not susceptible to Meltdown and Spectre on Itanium or Alpha. They’re keeping mitigations in mind for x86 port, though.

      Additionally, they’re replacing the network stack with one from Process Software who specialize in OpenVMS software. They claim to have 3,000 customers who probably each pay a decent licensing and/or support fee. They’ve been around for about 30 years. Shows that the niche/legacy markets can still be profitable and sustainable if a company focuses on providing the right stuff.

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        I have nothing but praise for Process, they make fine products, and I had good experience with PMDF - as well as MultiNet and TCPware. They also have been very supportive of the personal and hobbyist audience.

        [I’d be interested in knowing if PMDF has been wholly rewritten by now or if it still derived from the venerable MMDF MTA (or the ‘old PMDF’ ancestor written in Pascal).]

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