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    Yes, lots of exciting features in Go 1.18, but everyone knows the real excitement is this.

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      Nice :-) Go 1.18 was looking like such a boring uneventful release otherwise!

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        Kind of unrelated, but what is the progress on Go 2?

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          IIUC the Go team have decided to introduce new language features without breaking backward compatibility for now.

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            Though, there’s some interesting discussion on how to update [standard library] APIs [like sync.Map] for generics, which may or may not lead to introduction of some generic way of versioning, that could possibly allow gradually introducing more “Go2”-like “breaking changes”.

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            A number of changes that were previously classified under “go 2” have now been implemented in backwards-compatible ways, generics being the most well-known example of this, other examples are the new //go:build directives (the old // +build will remain working indefinitely though), binary literals, _ to separate numbers (1_000), and a few others.

            There were never any concrete plan on “Go 2”, and was little more than a placeholder for language changes and incompatible changes. It still is, especially for incompatible changes to either the language or standard library.