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    $ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dylanaraps/promptless/master/promptless.sh
    export PS1="➜ "

    Heh. The joke is not in the prompt so much as in its contrast with its repository, which lovingly gilds the lily of excessive simplicity with a thick layer of best practices. I particularly enjoyed the patches directory. A kindred spirit to FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition.

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      I’m the author of this monstrosity. Thought it was odd that the repository saw traffic today. ;)

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        Why not making the project even safer with sudo? ;-)

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          I really liked the fact that you have not omitted Nix <3

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          Funny, I just posted this in #kisslinux earlier today asking Dylan why he made a whole repo for this. It never crossed my mind that it could be satire until he made fun of me for not recognizing the satire. It really is a funny idea though: a single line with an entire repo and build system.

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            Is there a rust version?

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              it smelled 🐟y when I read “suckless” AND “npm” in the readme

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                Machine Learning is probably the only “best practice” this project doesn’t follow.

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                  Did you forget the rest of the PS’s?

                  $ typeset -p|grep PS
                  typeset PS1='$ '
                  typeset PS2='> '
                  typeset PS3='#? '
                  typeset PS4='+ '