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    …and if the answer is “Good and…” and you actually mean it, I’m afraid to say you only get one.

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      You can’t give people these choices.

      They’ll always choose cheap/fast plus good. If you don’t deliver the good, it’s still your fault even if not enough time/people were assigned.

      All you can say is, “I estimate it will take x weeks”, leaving enough room for it to be good enough.

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        The more I think about this triangle over the years, the more I think we’ve got a corner wrong. And it’s not actually “good” that’s wrong, but one of the others. You can have cheap, fast, and good, so long as you don’t want any customisation beyond just changing the window blinds. If you need to carry a box of tools around as a sparky, you buy a van. What you certainly don’t do is build an automobile factory because you’d like the door on the other side, or because you’ve seen a concept car that has a joystick instead of a steering wheel.

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      Great article in general but I thought it strange that the author listed “quality of developers” as hard to control but then also listed “talent of developers” as easy to control. Those are almost synonymous!