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    @sevan: does suspend and resume work?

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      On TrueOS which is based on -current, yes, out of the box. I’m running stock -stable & it’s not working out of the box. Haven’t delved into it at all.

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        With the latest FreeBSD-STABLE (11.1-PRERELEASE) build suspend / resume works.

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        “As my default keyboard layout is Dvorak, OS X set the EFI settings to this layout. The first time I installed FreeBSD 11-STABLE, I opted for full disk encryption but ran into this odd issue where on boot the keyboard layout was Dvorak and password was accepted, the system would boot and as it went to mount the various filesystems it would switch back to QWERTY. I tried entering my password with both layout but wasn’t able to progress any further”

        Has anyone else had this problem?

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          Not sure if that was you or not but someone posted in the comments section of the post that they experienced the same issue.