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In a bid to avoid productive work today, I grabbed all the feed URLs possible out of this post and dumped them into a forked copy of the python.org Planet instance.

If a feed is missing, either it was missed, Planet can’t parse it, or no RSS/ATOM feed existed in the linked blog. My own blog can’t be parsed right now, so some of these might magically fix themselves over the coming days.

A planet instance might seem extraordinarily meta, but from flicking through the posts it’s clear most of these have never been submitted to lobste.rs.

It lives on GitHub Pages and gets driven by a nightly Travis cron. Improvements of any kind welcome – particularly CSS!


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    Finally, blogspam I can trust. :)

    Thank you for your work!

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      Thanks - I was going to suggest doing something similar but didn’t get around to even making a suggestion :( Perhaps it can be made “official” and we could have a planet.lobste.rs?

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        I think there may be room for it! Although I note Planet itself is starting to show its age quite badly. Still hard to beat the simplicity, and with a little theming and e.g. setting a max length on the articles, things might start to look very nice.

        Can’t hate on Planet too much, I was setting this up for private use before I realized it might be worth sharing. The fact Planet is still a go-to RSS reader is quite impressive given its vintage!

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          Good point about the age of Planet - I’ve not looked around seriously for a replacement myself but a few of the alternatives are also a bit long in the tooth. Moonmoon looks to be maintained, although it’s written in PHP rather than Python.

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        Amazing how fast you did this.

        slightly disappointed this has nothing to do with real crustaceans

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          Something like this was suggested last time the post cropped up three years ago. Unfortunately I don’t think anything came of it though.

          I’m happy to see you set this up, all it needs now is to look prettier ;)

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            Cool, just bookmarked it.

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              This is fantastic, so much great content. Appreciate the work and effort you put into this!

              P.S.: Is there an RSS feed for the Planet?

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                There is - viewing the source will give the URL, but otherwise it’s https://crustaceans.hmmz.org/rss20.xml.

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                Now let’s make a meta meta planet: grab all the Feeds from all the posts that got at least one upvote.

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                  I begun doing so… but then real work took the lead lol

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                  If you want tthe mixed contents warning go away (I.e., website containing insecure content) you might want to serve an “upgrade insecure requests” CSP header.

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                    Thank you for your work! I was almost going to subscribe to a lot of them individually.

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                      Thank you for the planet. There seems to be about 100 blogs/feeds coming in to the planet. But the planet rss feed is just 100 items, most of which seem to come from just a couple of blogs that don’t have proper timestamps?

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                        Well spotted.. it wasn’t apparent yesterday but I just fixed an SSL problem and suddenly there are quite a few. I’ll remove any more I spot, but please, feel free to go crazy on pull requests :)

                        edit: this is way more broken than I thought. Planet doesn’t seem to do anything about feeds that lack timestamp, which is surprising. Anyone got a recommendation for better software? The main value in this existing thing is the Travis setup and the list of feed URLs.

                        edit: ok, I /think/ I’ve got it this time.. some bad settings in there, and squelching untimestamped feeds doesn’t happen after the first time they’re seen, so had to wipe the cache and start again

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                          I’m tempted to write something better, or at least help improve what you have currently got working :)

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                            I’ve once authored a planet generator named Uranus, but I don’t really maintain it anymore. It does have the advtange of not having any dependencies other than Ruby, though (no gems, just plain stdilb). There’s another planet generator named Pluto that is still maintained.