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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Moving into my first house!

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      Writing a talk on static analysis.

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        Getting—almost—back to reality, with a wedding thrown in the middle of the week. Lots to get on with at home having been away for a fortnight, and looking forward to getting properly back into the swing of work too.

        Amazingly, the weather in the UK isn’t too terrible, especially after a fortnight in Greece. Can see blue sky and sunshine outside today. Fingers crossed it lasts more than a day.

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          I’m on call and interrupts this week. Thankfully we rarely have issues outside hours, so being on call is not an issue—but interrupts can be exhausting. However, my colleagues have reported a dip in issues in recent weeks, which means our stability focus is paying off. Hopefully quiet enough that I can complete my hack week project from last week—I was tantalisingly close.

          At home I’m ripping up old carpets before floorers arrive next week.

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            Putting off buying computer hardware, because it’s painful to think about buying at current prices even though having them right now would be infinitely more useful to me than going without until prices drop, just to save the price difference.

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              Messing with the Google Maps API (not very flexible), hoping to mess with the MapBox API soon.

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                Since I got distracted by some yaks that I have been trying very much to avoid shaving, but which my subconscious would like very much to have shaved, I’m still continuing on https://lobste.rs/s/ni3k5c/what_are_you_doing_this_weekend#c_sc7ogw :)

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                  Had a nice relaxing long-ish-weekend after last week’s demo, now time to try to get back into the groove with unrelated work projects.

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                    Working on a small game for the Metroidvania Month 16 jam. I think I have a fun puzzle-y mechanic in mind for the “shapeshifting” theme, just now getting the world design and progression together on index cards before I start coding a prototype.

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                      Argument HTML with iOS like layout animation and gestures, deliver modern user experience with traditional monolith web server