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      Would really like to use it but when I tried it has some show stoppers for me still. The one I remember was the compose key not working in it.

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        Sadly, that makes it a non-option for me, too. Thanks for the heads-up.

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        My showstopper is no editor line wrap: https://github.com/lapce/lapce/issues/945

        Without this it’s impossible to e.g. edit Markdown, something I do rather frequently in editors.

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          To bad some people are leaving comments in that issue that would make want to refuse to implement it just out of spite, if I were a developer.

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            It’s annoying to deal with some type of users that write demands, but worry not, we do want to implement line wrap, it’s just painfully hard to do so. Also I prefer to implement things out of spite, rather than not implementing them.

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          While I love soft-wrapping as much as the next person, what MD dialect doesn’t accept that the logical paragraph is separated by a newline? I.e. hard line breaks are fine. In fact, in CommonMark at least, you have to explicitly denote one with double trailing spaces.

          Now, if you’re editing gemtext, you really want softwrap.

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            Short answer: I don’t care about what is possible in Markdown, I only care that my existing Markdown files were written with soft-wrapping, and I don’t feel like converting them. I can’t easily read my existing writing.

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              Thanks, that clears it up!

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                Also, that strategy quickly goes out of the window when you use a different font and/or size. Your future you will be happier with soft-wrapping, so will other people with other preferences and needs. Using newline for each sentence somewhat makes sense though as commits/diffs become slightly more meaningful.

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                  I was on Team HardWrap, mostly because it’s so damn cool in Emacs to hit M-q, but now I just enable visual-line-mode and am happy. Supporting both is editor table stakes, though.

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      do people have experience with lapce vs helix ?

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      I’ve tried it a few times during the last months but always returned to helix when lapce either crashed, stopped, consumed 100% CPU or otherwise behaved erratically.

      That said, I like the idea of having a non textmode editor at my disposal, and I’m certainly not wed to modal editing.