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    Wow, I knew Python was one of the major languages, but I didn’t know that it was so dominant. Although sadly, it’s likely the case that 2.4 and 2.7 make up the vast majority of the versions used.

    It’s worth saying about this that it’s troubling in any language or operating system if people are holding on to the old versions for whatever reason. That’s usually spells a lot of trouble if not doom for that’s system’s future.

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      We’re stuck on 2.6 where I work. It’s fine, but I’d be so happy to go to 2.7 or, even better, 3.x.

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        I was stuck on 2.6 for a while, it was only a few small libraries holding us back, so I took the decision to amend the application code and re write /change some core dependencies (and port to py3) , it was a headache initially, but totally worth it.

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        It’s gotten a new lease on life from Machine Learning.