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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I just shipped the programming language I’ve been building while reading Crafting Interpreters. So I’ll be tweaking the documentation and fixing small bugs.

    Hoot is a general-purpose interpreted scripting language with an event loop. It’s an implementation and extension of the Lox programming language.

    It’s the first programming language that I’ve built but I doubt it will be the last!

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      I feel very tired for some reason.

      Hopefully bring Daintree’s MMU up on RISC-V. I did get the bootloader running on actual RISC-V hardware last week, which might(?) be the first execution of Zig on non-softcore RISC-V ever. \o/

      edit: oh my goodness I succeeded already. heck yes!

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        I managed to get a basic set of ideas for the story I want to write on paper and now I’m doing the long process of turning it into about 20,000 words.

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          This week I only have to work two days (less now, since today is one of them) and then I have five days of uninterrupted time all for myself. I started doing this on a regular basis at the end of last year to be able to really focus on a particular topic or personal project. It’s awesome.

          This time I decided I wanted to learn C. Not because I want a job in it, or something like that, but I see it a bit as the “Latin of the programming languages”. With the difference that it is still heavily used, of course. It has influenced so much of today’s computing world that I expect it will help me understand a lot of other things. Plus, software I use depends on it and maybe I want to contribute to that in the future. Plus, I will one day start dabbling with micro controllers probably. Plus, I’d like to know what it is to live that dangerously. I smiled each time when I read one of those recent discussions here on “Why on earth do people still use C? Please stop doing that!” :)

          I’m doing it the old fashioned way too, with a book made from paper. But it’s called Modern C.

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            I hope your experience is like learning Latin - you know French already so you only really need to learn the grammar :)

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              I actually know Go, so that might turn out to be a very similar experience.

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              I’ve dabbled in C lately, and it’s a lot of fun, provided you accept the need to write almost everything yourself. Data structures, in particular. Once those are set up, it’s not much harder than any other language.

              I get the impression that a lot of C programmers write their own all-purpose utility libraries and copy-and-paste them into every project they work on. I’ve seen similar tendencies in Scheme.

              Single-header libraries are a great way to bootstrap these personal utility files: https://github.com/nothings/single_file_libs

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                provided you accept the need to write almost everything yourself

                That is what I was expecting. And this is also a reason to do it, because I have a continuous curiosity to go down one step at a time and see how things work at a lower level. To peek “under the hood”. Some day this will end up with me doing assembler and building by own computer on a breadboard, I suspect.

                Thanks for the link!

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              @work: Writing Prometheus alerts, preparing to conduct an internal security training session.

              @home (technically same as work since I’m WFH):

              • Preparing to have my own memex/wiki type of thing to store all these epic ideas, interests and other stuff that goes on in my head.

              • Also starting work on building my first SaaS: a bookmarking service of sorts, where you send us a bunch of links via e-mail, we’ll pull the webpage and e-mail it back to you — either immediately or at a set time in the future (like the weekend). Like your personal newsletter of sorts, except you also store permanent copies of webpages in your mailbox. Excited to see how this’ll pan out.

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                Wow, I’d totally use a service like that. Since I moved from Gmail to FastMail, I’ve been using their catch-all + labels features and snoozing to properly manage all of my emails. I’ve created a label just for newsletter just because of this combo feature. Having an agnostic feature like the service you described would be great!

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                  Glad to hear it! I’ll make sure to post it here in about a month or so, when I’ve got an MVP to share. It’s going to be entirely free software, and self-hostable.

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                I’m learning Zig. I’ve been programming for over twelve years now but never indulged in low-level programming. I started out in PHP, then eventually found Ruby, which is how I make my livelihood now.

                In the last few days I’ve also realised I have a lot to learn besides the language itself. Memory management, pointers, stack vs heap, C and Assembly, it’s all new territory, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. The only part is is knowing where to start, and where to stop. Not sure how far the rabbit hole goes.

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                  Not sure how far the rabbit hole goes.

                  One of my favorite things about the systems programming rabbit hole is that you can actually get to the end. The very, very end. At some point you will get to the point where the “why?” question is answered with, “that’s how the hardware is specified to work.” And if you want you can enter a hardware rabbit hole, which has its own depths, but again, there is an end! You are led to a physics rabbit hole, and then you run into the limitations of human understanding of the cosmos.

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                    Planning to make anything nice? Or just for fun?

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                      No lofty goals at this moment. I’ve mostly ported minor Ruby projects to Zig as of now. In the long-term I hope to be able to contribute to the Zig compiler itself.

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                    • Transitioning to a proper AST based parser for typeup. I’m gradually adding a Markdown backend (for textareas on Discord and Lobsters etc), and I hope to make a Vim syntax file since many of my notes never leave Vim. Writing parsers in Janet is a dream! Also tightening up the pseudo-spec.
                    • Writing some recursive code, specifically a Janet value differ, just for fun
                    • Reading more Serious Cryptography. I’m on to stream ciphers. It’s very good so far
                    • It’s the start of spring here so I’m germinating a bunch of seeds and harvesting some wild garlic
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                      Submitting my final NSF report for our SBIR grants.

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                        Good luck! edit: I thought you were applying for it, not just reporting. woops.

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                        After surprising success with my first blog post in a long time, I’m going to focus on digging up old notes on programming languages ideas I’ve had over the years, and polishing them into blog posts.

                        I’m also continuing to work on Osmosis, a peer-to-peer passive data synchronization library for native apps.

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                          I am continuing reading and working through An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp. Both to get a better understanding of Elisp and lisps in general, and to stop asking extremely newbie questions in #emacs.

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                            I had the requirement for a URL shortener for work, and so I have decided to write one. In order to stay on brand it will be written in Golang and use text files for storage

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                              Babysitting! And extracting text from pdfs using pdftotext and SQL - to be used later by my “legal patch”.

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                                • work: fixed a text encoding bug last week which requires me to rewrite some of the caching mechanism I created recently. So that’s what will be on the schedule for this week together with some smaller tasks. I also want to write down my experience during onboarding so the company can use that.

                                • personal: Really want to put some work in a long running project of mine. As it stands now, some contributions to OSS repos will come from it. Also, gained some weight the past few weeks … so picking up some healthy snacks and recipes this week.

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                                  Explore what it is like to write full-stack apps in F#, with the frontend compiled to WASM (eg: Bolero). And as well as cross-platform desktop apps using the same.

                                  Even though I’m already quite satisfied with Haskell, I feel that F# might have a better story for full-stack app development than Haskell (the future of GHCJS is uncertain and seems to be maintained mostly by one company; Tweag’s asterius is still in development).

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                                    I’d like to hear about these adventures. :)

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                                      If it gets to somewhere interesting, I’ll be writing about it in www.srid.ca - which now has RSS feeds if you wish to subscribe :-)

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                                    I’ve been getting back into 8-bit Commodore machines again for fun (certainly not for profit)! It’s been a nice mental break from Xen.

                                    … Those who don’t work on hypervisors would likely read that above and think I’m mad. Surely you try and achieve Zen.

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                                      Working on my Not Hotdog clone written in Swift + CoreML. I’ve also got a computer algorithms exam, so we’ll see.

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                                        At work our team tends to be a team that inherits a lot of messed up stuff and has to fix it. This week my partner in crime and I are replacing the deployment method for some services. Every time a new release is made the current method requires touching 3-4 different git repos to have the new release deployed to production, then to top it off it is incredibly slow and fragile.

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                                          Meh same as last week. Fixing bugs of my twitter+todo+evernote app. Trying to make changes in the last minute (again). If you anyone would like to try it out I would be happy to give you an account once I create the live link, feel free to DM me. The pitch is - its a logbook for your projects, so that you can capture all the details about your projects from ideas, to bookmarks and daily project updates.

                                          I am yet to complete my post on how OO and FP are delusional ideas. Heck I think I might have discovered a new cognitive bias. I am calling it a “purity bias”. Its there in science, politics, religion, mathematics, marvel movies and blatantly in programming too. This bias is based on a mirage of purity as goodness / balance and wherever this bias is present, it always leads to hell, misery and it provides an invisibility cloak to abusive behavior. In reality all things considered pure are delusional mirages enforced by priestly culnts and all things impure are practical solutions.

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                                            Working at Doctolib and on Socializus on the side, next biggest thing on Socializus is adding a weekly email.

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                                              I’m on suicide watch while maintaining a legacy PHP version of some software that nobody uses anymore. For some reason there’s a legal contract with a client where their using it to gather data from scraped web pages. This prevents them from upgrading to using a newer version. My coworkers are on PTO vacation.

                                              The suicide watch comment isn’t tongue in cheek, it’s how I feel about my “software engineering” career and what it’s done to my mental health.

                                              Subject myself to working with offshore developers who are a majority on my product team, with 10pm meetings?! Oh, yes please thank you master.

                                              I have regular fantasies about giving my boss two week notice emails bringing it up casually.

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                                                Do you have someone to talk to about these feelings?