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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    2D C99 game engine. 3800 LOC now. I’m finally through UTF-8 grapheme -> glyph mapping, now onto font drawing, so I’m writing texture atlas generation and rendering for bitmap fonts.

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      Everyweek, I see your update. One day I hope to see the game engine in action.

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        I’ve only missed commits on 3 days since January 4th. 42 commits and somewhere around 800 LOC last weekend. I’m… getting there. I’m going to have something to show at some point.

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          Keep at it man, it’s just nice to see these updates.

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        Happy to see at least one person is still doing this.

        Write a software rasterizer too, if you get the chance. Not only is it cool, but I learned an incredible amount from it. https://chrishecker.com/Miscellaneous_Technical_Articles#Perspective_Texture_Mapping

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        Going biking! And maybe writing.

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          It is bike season! Hoping to put in an MTB ride and a gravel ride.

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            Interview prep since I’ve been bombing some because…I don’t prep?

            Otherwise, working on a Flask based web app that utilizes CSS grid for relatively simple responsiveness. Reading some “Programming Pearls”, fidgeting about as I contemplate the future…

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              Been hearing a lot of this from friends and co-workers lately.

              I’m good at coaching people with this stuff. I should do a Youtube video or two, especially around whiteboard coding.

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                You should do a short article and have people help you. I’m really curious if you actually bombed, or it was because they could get others cheaper, or others were just appearing as competent, or something else. :)

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                  I think I bombed. Whenever a whiteboard is involved I have this tendency to start coding before thinking and mix syntax between, say, Python and JavaScript. I’m not a huge fan of the practice, but I have to probably just slow down and “work the problem”.

                  I wish we could replace the whiteboard with blackboard and maybe people would better understand the agony.

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                    Just my $.02 - any interviewer who dings you for messing up syntax or mixing syntax of different programming languages in a whiteboard interview problem is very much doing it wrong in my opinion.

                    Whiteboard coding problems are good for observing the way candidates reason through solving problems and not much else.

                    Expecting someone to write language syntax on a whiteboard with any accuracy IMO is at the very least highly questionable.

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                      Python and JavaScript

                      My guess is, you sound fairly new and not decided on a tech you like yet.

                      My advice: focus on one tech. Python, or JS. Not both. When you have mastered one, you’ll see it’s easy to transfer this “symbolic” knowledge to other langs, rather than try to learn many at once. At least this was my experience.

                      If I was an interviewer, I wouldn’t hold syntax against you, but rather if you can at least express a solution and me, as the interview, see you understand the problem with your explanation.

                      I have this tendency to start coding before thinking

                      Again this is a sign to me, that you are fairly new. As time goes on, you’ll see that it’s actually more time efficient to think before acting. I think many of us start this way because “we want it done fast”. But as we stop to think, it adds up, and overall it takes longer.

                      Think in pieces really helps. And then composing the pieces together ;)

                      Just for fun: what is one problem they gave you?

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                        Checking to see if a value conformed to a Caesar cipher? Or something akin to that. Honestly, can’t recall. Maybe should have asked some clarifying questions.

                        edit: thanks so much for your insight - I appreciate it!

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                          Caesar cipher

                          Heh, that doesn’t make much sense the way it’s written…The point of the cipher is to hide text. So by your text, I’m inferring they meant “can you prove this decodes to english” via bruteforcing or given how many characters to shift by.

                          Of course if they didn’t explain what a caesar cipher was, anyone could fail this.

                          Just saying though, this problem itself sounds pretty simple :) In JS it could be done with a couple (probably even just one .reduce()) methods.

                          Anyway, I think you don’t need “prep” as much as focusing on one thing and yeah, taking some time to assess what they want :) You’ll be ok.

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                            Yeah, I had known what a Caesar cipher was when they asked but I can’t remember the general question as it was only related in a way to the cipher. In any case, it was a bit of a low ball but I was taken aback when told to show actual syntax which hasn’t happened up this point.

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                  Messing around with my new guitar pedal, going to an anniversary event at my local pet store, and relaxing.

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                    New pedal?! Do tell…

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                      I picked up the Chase Bliss Audio Mood pedal https://www.chaseblissaudio.com/shop-pedals/m-o-o-d

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                        That looks amazing!

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                    • Work,
                    • Play with the kids (my wife will work Saturday night and Sunday morning.)
                    • Be one of the hosts at a party (friends only though) at Sunday night.

                    Now that I write it down it looks like a busy weekend

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                      Helped a friend move into his new house. Tomorrow I’ll probably mess around with dataflow implementation a bit more. I’m working on creating a Lucid-inspired DSL embedded in Python.

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                        Grabbing dinner with my cousin on Saturday. Then likely going to spend Sunday with my parents.

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                          The maintainer of the Bytesweep project is looking at porting some things to Go. So, I’m working on a scheduler/dispatcher

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                            Did some research on how the Flask test client works and plan to use that to write tests for all the REST routes in the Open Parlour backend.

                            … And maybe even make some of them pass :)

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                              Just finished replacing the elecom huge’s bearings to ZrO2. What a difference! Also got the parts for a fume hood extractor I’m planning to build tomorrow. It’s gonna be a pretty basic build with 1/2” MDF and a thin plexiglass for viewport and pc 12v dc fans into a duct through hepa and activated carbon filters. It’s gonna be for soldering in my room.

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                                Discovering Avignon (France) with a friend, the city is amazing and the red wine is crazy good ! I will continue the learn Go with the Go Tour when flying back home

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                                  Porting newest puppeteer[1] - a js library for automating chrome to python. We’re looking for more contributors[2] if someone is interested! The original author disappeared and the project has been unmaitained for over a year.

                                  It’s interesting project and gave me an opportunity to learn more about Javascript and improve on my async python.
                                  I learned that Javascript is an awfully ugly language that I’d prefer to never touch again lol. Obviously its a hyperbole but it really made me really appreciate python and feel a bit sad that the most popular language in the world is in such a sad state.

                                  1 - https://github.com/puppeteer/puppeteer
                                  2 - https://github.com/pyppeteer/pyppeteer2

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                                    Building a prototype polling device with esp32, ssd1306 and a bunch of buttons.

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                                      Saturday is the end of the holiday Масленица, so I will be celebrating! And then I’ll probably spend the rest of the weekend designing a font (or trying to, that is).

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                                        I continue to work on my website, and more precisely, the literate program which generates it. The code is ready, but the overall document still miss many explanations. That being said, I am now in a situation where I can start thinking about my next posts. Finally.

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                                          Cleaning up and flying out to my new job location. I plan on hacking at the lem text editor while on the flight, particularly I want to look into creating an org major mode for it using cl-org-mode

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                                            • Having a game night with the neighbors
                                            • Maybe nuit blanche here in Mtl
                                            • Game (DS2 - haven’t touched it since last weekend), and peek into the ~100 year old books I bought from Ecodepot. I bought them because I’m curious if thinking or writing has changed much. Also just looking for new, simple ideas.
                                            • Try to compile Rust code toward stm32l4x2, and get my Somu talking back over its USB interface. I have never done any of these things before :)… I will probably not end up getting to this until next week.
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                                              I’m going to buy a couple Manning books while their BOGO is still bo-going (heh..). Going to catch up on IEM Katowice (CS:GO & SC2!), and maybe Expanse S3. Going to think about leaving this job and moving back home. Going to erg 5k every day, and afterwards maybe today I am going to try a Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

                                              If my CPU cooler comes in, I’ll assemble the Ryzen build. patience..

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                                                Staying a few nights at the hospital - ‘cause the baby decided Leap Day was better than sharing his sister’s birthday, four days later.

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                                                  Find drugs¹ to mule across international borders².

                                                  1: My parents dog is running low of her anti-inflammation med for her bum leg.
                                                  2: Visiting my parents in March that are currently living in Baku, vet cannot source it there

                                                  I’m also stuck at home for on call support this weekend

                                                  • Work on web app that turns audiobooks into private podcast RSS feed.
                                                  • Finishing rebuild of NAS & reworking home network.
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                                                    I plan to finish a website for a local art collective. Almost there, but some finishing touches need to be done design / js wise, need to get data finalized and figure out the absolute cheapest deploy solution. Its a static site so I’m going to see if I can host it via a CDN + free/cheap tier heroku or something.. but I’ve never messed with CDNs before so I’m misunderstanding its use cases