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Found this on Hacker news its a nice read.

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    This wanders around a bit and I think I lost the point being made with the sql code. If I have a query that’s too slow, how does switching from Python to erlang make it faster?

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      Erlang is awesome for building things like RabbitMQ/Messaging/Whatsapp etc. But for a web app its a terrible language to use.

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        I have to disagree here. Have you seen the various Erlang web frameworks available or tried any of them?

        I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently doing so combined with a modern JS front-end stack and my experience was very positive.

        Building web apps with Erlang is very reasonable choice. Especially building it on top of the awesome multi-process web servers combined with web sockets is a perfect combination. Additionally being able to use static typing (via dialyzer) and OTP makes working with concurrency and multiple web services/APIs very clean and manageable.

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          I know Elixir isn’t exactly Erlang, but Phoenix (an Elixir web framework) is a delight to work in. IMO, you get the benefits of Erlang without actually needing to always write pure Erlang.

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            The reasoning behind Elixir is, in fact, to make Erlang’s power easier to use, especially for web development. Platformatec started building apps in Erlang, but began designing Elixir to make it easier to do common web stuff while leveraging the IO beast that Erlang is.

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              Thanks for sharing! Phoenix looks really slick actually. I’m going to give it a try.