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    I posted about my experience with xmake in another thread. The project looks promising, but it’s not mature enough for production use. It’s disappointing to see a new release pushing so many new features rather than ensuring that the core functionality works reliably. Someone on my team was complaining yesterday that they use Debian and our CI uses Ubuntu and (with the same compiler, linker, and all the same source including headers) xmake does totally different things and it’s impossible to debug why.

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      Thanks for sharing. I’ve used it for one of my projects and it’s been fine so far, but I’m the only contributor too. I should try how it builds in different setups.

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        The other issue I’ve had is that build configuration options are not very sticky. Some things trigger xmake to run the configure step again, but it does not pass the same flags that it was originally invoked with and so a random xmake invocation can cause you to lose some config flags. The fact that it drives builds from the source means that the destination can’t be used to maintain useful state, so if you want to switch between release and debug builds then you need to re-run xmake config.