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    I think you’re not giving Linus enough credit; he’s prone to snapping, but it’s basically limited to mailing list flames, and I’ve never seen anything as childish or tantrum-ey as this.

    The Reddit thread has a bunch of comments giving more details by Martin (/u/marcan42).

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      Exactly. I can’t imagine Linus blocking anyone for disagreeing, or for flaming him.

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      Grsecurity also blocked anyone who liked or retweeted Martin’s tweet

      Ah, yes: the halcyon days of youth, in which we could ‘like’ things without consequences.

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          Hector Martin’s language was kind of inflammatory. “Seriously, WTF” and “How did this pass code review?” Humans can react negatively to negative language. Of course they shouldn’t, because we should all be robotic emotionless Spocklike machines, but because we are not, language matters.

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            One might say grsecurity is quite familiar with negative language.

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              Which is probably all the more reason why they snapped so easily at yet another insult. The technical merit didn’t matter to them. From their point of view, they’re trying to do good and getting insults for it. This is rather symptomatic of Linux development, or at least gets publicised a good deal.

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                  Everyone seems to do a lot of trash talking in Linux. Linus doing it makes others cargo-cult that behaviour in hopes of producing better code.

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          grsec has a pretty amazing history of throwing tantrums. Here’s a great one from last year, where they call LWN an “establishment mouthpiece” for reporting on ASLR-related kernel improvements, then complain that people are “ripping them off” by trying to get their patches upstreamed, despite having previously complained specifically that people weren’t upstreaming their patches… https://lwn.net/Articles/667790/

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                  It’s sort of implied in the format….

                  What can be conveyed in a Tweet?

                  Well, the genre of human communication by far most suited to tweeting is a “Snark” (SNide remARK).

                  So if you enjoy being Snarky…. Twitter is heaven.

                  I enjoy a good snark myself… but I tend to regard that as a mild character flaw rather than mud to be rolled in.

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              Wouldn’t proper compilers flag detect those invalidated checks?

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                Yes. With GCC I think it’s checked with -Wextra

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                Guess I won’t be using grsec anymore.

                # pacman -Rs linux-grsec linux-grsec-common linux-grsec-headers
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                  Just because of some grumpyness on Twitter? Man, I hope for your own sake that whomever supplied the locks on your doors never gets grumpy.

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                    If the company who made the locks on my door blocked a bunch of people who retweeted “hey, these locks open right up if you stick any old key in upside down” it’d sure as hell make me reevaluate my opinions of their approach to making secure locks.

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                  Don’t worry, we’re still working on porting grsec/PaX to HardenedBSD, so you’ll still have a production-ready solution (and without SystemD!). ;-)

                  But, really, I think it was mishandled on both sides. There’s proper ways to report bugs, and tweeting snarky comments isn’t really the proper way. And the way grsec responded wasn’t the best, either.

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                    Don’t worry, we’re still working on porting grsec/PaX to HardenedBSD, so you’ll still have a production-ready solution (and without SystemD!). ;-)

                    We already have Hardened Gentoo: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Hardened