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Kata Seeds are repos with everything configured for a language to start writing tests and experimenting with a language. You should be able to run make and have everything work.

We’d love more help! If you want to add a language or a test framework for an existing language, reach out to me on Twitter @justincampbell or email me at justin@justincampbell.me and I’ll add you to a language team.


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    I appreciate the organization, but have you thought about just linking to pre-existing kata repositories rather than trying to bring them into one group?

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      They’re not katas per se, but repos to help you practice a kata. The person greeting is intentionally simple and vague so that it doesn’t lead you down a path.

      If you can think of a way to make this intention clearer, I’d appreciate the feedback!

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      make for everything? Wouldn’t it be better to have an idiomatic project configuration in a project-appropriate build tool? (Happy to submit those for languages I like, if that’s aligned with what you’re doing)