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    Losing it All culture devops shakycode.com

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    Money was flowing in like gangbusters. I had a house which I was renting out to people to make passive income, a posh apartment, and a sports car (vroom). Material-wise, I had everything I needed and could ever want. I was “successful” and doing great.

    I think the quotes around “successful” nail it. It’s easy to feel like you’re doing better than you are when you’re making a massive salary and have a sports car / ritzy apartment / house. But in reality, what did our author own? Nothing.

    I’ve seen friends make these mistakes before: you’re right out of a state school and getting job offers twice what others your age are getting? It’s easy to think “holy hell, I’m loaded!” As long as you don’t start acting like it, you’re fine.

    One of the few lessons I took out of startup life is to measure my financial affairs in terms of runway. How long can I go without a job without ending on my ass? The number isn’t as large as I want, but by driving an old sensible car and living in a low priced area it’s a hell of a lot longer than it would be if I made the decisions the author / friends have made.

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      Always keep 9+ months of emergency funds for all expenses.

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      This isn’t devops.

      This also was already posted on HN–no reason to clutter up here with it.

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        I don’t have an opinion on whether or not this is on-topic for lobsters, since I haven’t read it, but for what it’s worth, I think that one of the big benefits of lobsters is to have a much higher signal to noise ratio than hacker news. For me, having to read hacker news too would defeat the point–I don’t want to spend more time on news aggregators than I do–I’d rather spend less time. So I hope that the lobsters-relevant material from hacker news gets reposted here.

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          That’s exactly the point - it would be nice if off-topic posts like this didn’t show up here. Mere mention of a Macbook Pro in the post isn’t a high enough threshold in my opinion.

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            I’m replying more to, “This also was already posted on HN” which I don’t think should selection criteria for whether or not a post is appropriate for lobsters. As I mentioned before, I’m not making a judgment on this particular piece, because I haven’t read it.

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              I’m replying more to, “This also was already posted on HN” which I don’t think should selection criteria for whether or not a post is appropriate for lobsters.


              Yeah, I’d hate to miss the good stuff as well.

              To the point of “on topic” vs “off topic”: I don’t think the community is posting stories fast enough for us to really start worrying about what’s on topic vs off topic. Hell, the oldest newest story is two days old. And honestly it seems that the “softer” tags (I’m looking at you, culture) seem to get the most attention and discussion - and a news aggregator without discussion gets boring fast.

              And all that is ignoring the fact that “topic” is largely driven by the community, yeah? It seems like the community tends to consider this on topic, at least by looking at the votes.

              But I’d also agree that the devops tag doesn’t fit here.

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                It could be a metaphor for devops. ;)

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          IMO whether or not it had already been posted on HN is completely irrelevant. Not everyone reads HN: it has too little signal and too much noise for my taste.

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            And that’s because people keep upvoting feelgood articles like this over there, instead of useful technical content.

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              The subject matter is hardly “feel-good”.

              I’m on record wrt the rest of these topics, so I’ll stay out of it this time.

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                I was actually referring to the comments over there. The river of shit over there has some shimmering golden nuggets, but the comments over here have much higher relevance / quality on average. (Warning: subjective opinion.)

                You can hide the culture tag if you don’t like it. (I do agree the devops tag was a poor fit.)

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                  Agreed - selection of articles is important, but quality of discussion much more so. I’ll stick to what I can objectively say: I would never even consider posting to a comment thread on HN.

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            Buy all that crap and live that lifestyle before you save up enough money to survive for 12 months? Sympathy: 0.

            If this is a devops guy, does this irrational simplistic attitude to basic life resource management transfer to your work?… how are you going to scale infrastructure, plan for problems, etc. if you ‘spend’ all the resource you have right now and don’t plan for problems or future growth. I can’t see that you’d be doing one without realising ‘hey, wait a minute, maybe I should manage other parts of my life like this’.