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“Picat is a logic-based, multi-paradigm, programming language… Picat is a rule-based language, in which predicates, functions, and actors are defined with pattern-matching rules. Picat incorporates many declarative language features for better productivity of software development, including explicit non-determinism, explicit unification, functions, list comprehensions, constraints, and tabling. Picat also provides imperative language constructs, such as assignments and loops, for programming everyday things. “


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    The author or one of them is here. Does a lot of interesting work with logic programming and solvers.

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      I wish this was readable from a phone/tablet. :( If there any other site that summarizes this article?

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        You could try the users guide. It’s basic HTML, but hopefully renders ok on a phone/tablet.

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          Amplifying this, because it’s a great link; thanks!